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Social Distancing Weavers-Style

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Inkle-style straps woven on a floor loom by Marilyn S.

A poncho and a new weaving on the loom by Joy.

Here is a baby blanket for my new granddaughter.  I used Valley Yarns Noho mercerized cotton which has a slub that proved to be a bit sticky, but I liked the end result.  It's just plain weave since I had to do a double weave to get the width.  I learned a lot on this one, like how to repair floats.  Fun colors to work with.  --Mona 

I suspect this will be my only foray into card weaving, but it was interesting.  Another Long Thread Media workshop (John Mullarkey...great workshop.  I'm just not fond of all the turning of's not at all intuitive to me.)  --Mary B.

I was going through my photos and found pics from the wall hanging I made as a wedding gift for my neice last year.  --Joy

While sorting through my fabric stash, I found these great neon fabrics--thus the rag placemats to cheer things up!  --Evelyn R.

Here are my first sheep from the Long Thread Media workshop on turned krokbragd on an inkle loom.  So much fun!  --Mary B.

Waffle weave scarf and a double weave double wide piece by Joy.

Weavers Challenge 2020--LaVerne C. making progress!

Six beaded bracelets by Joyce I.

4"x5" tapestry pouch, 100% polyester

woven by Ann (Blue) S.

I finished the Roseberry tartan for my husband’s clan.  Now to wet finish it and clip the ends!  Made from 16/2 cotton since he can’t wear wool!  --Evelyn

This is my first plaid.  It is moreno/tencel finerging yarn, so a light fabric.  Making 3 yards to sew into something.  Excited to see how it fells.  --Merlene S.

Potholders and yarn by LaVerne C.

Black and white kitchen towels in shadow weave.            --Linda B.

All by Dianne McG.

Just finished my first rugs--a set of three for my bathroom.  --Gail S.

First weaving project by Carol in Ouray

Basket by Sandy M.

Temari by Cathy L.

1) and 2)  The pillow is a broken twill out of rayon chenille.  I used an envelope closure which I would not do again but it worked.

3) and 4)  The scarves are from a draft that I found on the internet--Diamond Networked Twill.  I had tons of trouble with this one.  I wove it on my 8-shaft table loom (not the loom's fault!) and had a spacing error that I kept thinking was a threading error.  After cutting off one sample and starting again and still finding the error, I finally figured out that instead of 2/dent I had put 1  in one dent and 3 in the next.  It created a very noticeable line going up the weaving!  I cut off that sample and started yet again only to have a tensioning problem after repairing the cut and re-sleyed thread.  Oh, well, it was a really good learning experience.  The iridescence on the second scarf was a total happenstance and I really like it.

5)  Here's what's on my LeClerc loom right now.  American Snowflake--a take-off on the Swedish Snowflake from the Twill Thrills book.  Having some tensioning errors here, too.  I think I didn't get an even tension while winding back-to-front--a new method for me.  Also learned a lot from this project!

--Nancy deC.

Blue's needlefelted puppy--6 inches high

Scarves by Nina R.

Alpaca and silk warp and cashmere (the black and grey) and cashmere and merino in the yellow one.

I wove fish trim for a pillowcase as a Christmas present for my son, who has two aquariums. Did it on an inkle loom using Laverne Waddington's book Pebble Weave on an Inkle Loom. Book is highly recommended and very step-by-step. Great patterns.  --Mary B.

Fibers for triangle scarf are — 

46% acrylic, 32% wool, 10% nylon, 10% polyester, 2% metallic
Created by Kim Lu... and donated to Altrusa of Montrose for their silent auction.

1) A nearly finished log cabin scarf.  Almost to the end, and then to fringe and wash!

2)  6 bath washcloths just off the loom and ready for washing, cutting apart, and hemming!

3)  Here are 3 of the 8 placemats I just finished!


--Evelyn R.



1), 2), 3)

I made a purple scarf with some silver highlights.  It has a booboo right down the middle so I'm attempting to fix that. Pattern was from the 8-12-20 book.  


I'm also attempting my first waffle weave.  Seems loose to me but I'll see what it is when I get it finished and wet-finished.

--Joyous Rainbow



Flying shuttle -multicolored warp for shawls - snowy Grand Mesa backdrop - creating (in our isolation) peaceful moments in a disordered world!

   --Jane D.

My current project is (okay to laugh) last year's challenge.  My poker challenge was a combination of 1) neutrals, 2) different weight yarns, 3) has to have a handle and 4) influenced by an area of the country.  So this project is a broken twill in black and gray symbolizing the open road I traveled on my bike ride across the USA.  Eventrually it will be an apron with a stray (handle).

  --Diane McC.



My first rag rug!  --Pat C.


This rug is made from Pendleton selvage with cotton warp and wool carpet yarn hemmed ends.  It is 28"x43".  It is thick and heavy.  Photo doesn't show it well.  --Joyce I.


Our challenge this year involves color.  We, the challenged, picked four crayons from a bag.  We had to use at least three of the colors and either black or white (3 colors or 5 colors --no even number of colors).  I chose to use all four of my colors--blue green, yellow green, carnation and blue violet.  I swapped out black and white for the background of these temari  and used blue green and blue violet for the star colors on the black with the yellow green and carnation for the dividing lines and outline.  On the white temari, I used carnation and yellow green for the stars and the blue green and blue violet for the dividing lines and outline.

--Deanna G.

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