San Juan Weavers Guild
San Juan     Weavers Guild


On January 13, 1977, nine fledgling weavers met in Montrose to organize a weavers' guild.  Their purpose, they decided, would be to exchange ideas and knowledge of weaving and spinning, give demonstrations to communitiy organizations, and find ways of selling their handwoven items.  The membership grew to 23 members that first year.  They took every opportunity to learn their craft, went to countless schools and organizations to share their interest in and demontrate  weaving and spinning, and sold their first offerings of 200 items at a local potters' sale in 1978.


Today we have over 60 members, still demonstrate weaving and spinning, gather for workshops every year to add to our repertoire of skills, and offer over 1500 items for sale at our annual Show and Sale.



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